FROM FRAGMENTS tells the story of an elderly couple that must battle through the grips of dementia to finish the swan-song of their lifelong love.

The film explores the burden ‘love’ places on us: to compromise, to sacrifice and (most of all) to cherish.

A true multi-disciplinary collaboration between a musician, two dancers and a filmmaker. The film combines these three artforms to envisage the devastating emotional reality of dementia.

Directors Statement
FROM FRAGMENTS depicts a struggle against dementia that reflects what I have seen in my own family and one that continues to affect many others.

Dance is often seen as a poetic form of love, a way to silently express emotions, feelings and thoughts without being specific or overt. Some things are impossible to articulate with words.

While this disease can play a part in people’s lives for years, we aimed to tell this narrative in a short form – encapsulating the emotions that couples feel when living through dementia.

Choreographed and Performed by David Durrant and Maggie Durrant

Composer – Thom Robson
Engineering – Tom Orrell
Mastering – Nigel Palmer
Recorded at The Nave
1st Violin – Lauren Hinds
2nd Violin – Will Harrison
Viola – Sam Chilvers
Cello – Simona Manu
Piano – Tristan Noon
Juno 106 – Thom Robson

Producer and Director – James Quinn
Director of Photography – Matt Gillan
Editor – Chris Morris
Camera Operator – Bertrand Recourt
Focus Puller – Catharina Scarpellini
Clapper Loader – Joshua Davies
DIT – Bensalem Mitchell
Gaffer – Shaun Waldie
Spark – Jay Gadhvi
Colourist – Dan Moran