Recently bereaved by the death of his trumpet-playing brother, a lonesome, naïve boy seeks hope in a sinister boat and the trumpet sound it emanates.

An eerie contemporary rites of passage fantasy set against the backdrop of a grieving, broken family.

* * * * *

‘The River’ is a coming-of-age fantasy drama in the tradition of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ and ‘Spirited Away’. At its core, the film follows the internal conflict of the young protagonist, Andrew, wrestling with the death of his older brother. Andrew is at a crucial watershed of his growing maturity and understanding of death:
-On the one side: fantastical escapism, denial and innocence
-On the other: reality, death’s permanency, and maturity

Both sides are at once clashing within Andrew with explosive and irreversible consequences. Throughout the film Andrew’s internal conflict is projected onto those around him.

This deeply subjective film follows Andrew’s journey through his eyes: we see glimpses of his broken family and his loneliness. The death of his brother prematurely shatters Andrew’s naivety and innocence and wrenches him into an adult world of reality and hardship.

Ultimately, this is a truly uplifting film. It is a story of acceptance, the strength to face loss, and the reuniting of a grieving family. It is, in turn, reminiscent of the journey we all take into maturity; a journey that encompasses death and loss yet can still contain much joy and happiness.

* * * * *

Jack Hutchinson – Andrew
Emmy Happisburgh – Judith
Andrew Snowball – Brian

* * * * *

Winchester Short Film Festival:
The Hampshire Prize – Winner
Best Short Under 15 Minutes – Runner Up
Best Original Screenplay – Runner Up

Rob Knox Film Festival Bexley Heath:
Best Director – Winner

London Ealing Film Awards:
Best Editing – Winner

The International Cancer Sucks Film Festival:
Best Director – Winner
Best Film – Runner Up

Unrestricted View Film Festival:
Official Selection

Cans Short Film Festival:
Official Selection

Shorts Cut Film Festival:
Official Selection

London Independent Film Festival:
Official Selection

Official Selection

Portsmouth International Film Festival:
Official Selection

Southampton International Film Festival:
Official Selection

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